Join APAS for $2019 in 2019

...and help fight the Carbon Tax!

APAS is offering non-member rural municipalities a special, reduced transitional membership rate of $2019 in 2019. Transitional membership is an opportunity for your RM to add its voice to APAS on a trial basis and help shape agricultural policy on behalf of your farm and ranch ratepayers. Your transitional membership provides a number of important benefits including:

  • Equal voice, but no vote, in APAS policy discussions
  • Representation at the national level, as APAS is a member of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture
  • Access to all APAS member benefits for your ratepayers 

All APAS transitional membership dues in 2019 will be used to offset the legal costs associated with fighting the Carbon Tax...


Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers need a strong and effective general farm organization, to represent their interests to government and other stakeholders. Agricultural policy directly impacts producers’ livelihoods, the future of the industry and the wellbeing of rural Saskatchewan. Since 2000, APAS has been the voice of the province’s producers, working to address important issues including rail transportation, the carbon levy, water policy, and corporate tax changes.

APAS’ membership includes almost half of the province’s RMs and counts 32 organizations as Associate Members. It is Saskatchewan’s only democratically elected, producer-run, grassroots, general farm organization. APAS’ growing membership makes it the strongest advocate for Saskatchewan’s farmers and ranchers. 

What is the cost of a full APAS membership?

The APAS membership fee for rural municipalities is six cents per agricultural acre or 1/2 mill on the 2000 agricultural assessment, whichever is lower.

Why a reduced, transitional membership fee for 2019?
It is our view that, once your RM experiences the work we do and the benefits we offer, councillors and ratepayers alike will see the value in full APAS membership.

Why does APAS provide member benefits to new transitional members?
Transitional membership is designed to encourage new members to contribute to APAS policy discussions and activities. The many benefits offered to APAS 2019 transitional members – including the Chrysler Fleet Pricing Program, Co-operators Insurance and the myRM website portal – are offered as an incentive to join. APAS hopes your RM’s experience as a transitional member will encourage your renewal as a full member in 2020. Click here for more information about APAS member benefits.

Are there any additional costs above the $2019 for transitional membership in APAS?
Only one. Unlike full membership, where the RM representative’s expenses, meeting fees and per diems are paid by APAS, transitional members are responsible for the cost of their own APAS representative. 

Are transitional members obligated to renew in 2020?
No, participation is voluntary. We hope your involvement and positive experience with APAS through the year will lead you to become a full member. If not, your RM is free to withdraw. 

For more information about $2019 for 2019, or to arrange an RM presentation, contact the APAS office at or 306-789-7774



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