Young Agricultural Producers

The APAS Young Agricultural Producers Policy (YAP) Committee consists of APAS Representatives, Directors and Associate Member organizations with interests in policy issues that affect young producers and new entrants to farming. The Committee was formed in 2017.

The decision to create a policy committee dedicated entirely to addressing the policy needs of young producers was prompted by the creation of the APAS Young Leaders program After working with the young producer mentees participating in the YLMP for a number of years, it became clear that beginning producers face a unique set of challenges and the future health of the agriculture industry in Saskatchewan depends on addressing these issues. Several former mentees from the YLMP sit on the YAP committee.

In 2018, APAS hired a researcher to work with the YAP committee to update an earlier report APAS commissioned about intergenerational transfer program needs (see below). That new report is expected in 2019.

Current Priority Issues

  • Tax and succession planning - intergenerational transfers
  • Risk Management programs for beginning producers        
  • Access to land and capital

Intergenerational Transfers

APAS supports the reduction of tax barriers to intergenerational farm transfers. APAS believes that farm owners should be able to transfer privately owned farm land to family members without triggering excessive and unfair taxes. 

Most farms are family owned businesses and APAS supports the availability of succession planning resources to ensure that farm families have the knowledge and professional support in place to assist the transfer of farm assets between generations.  

Reports and Presentations

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