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Each year APAS offers the Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program (YLMP) presented by FCC to agricultural producers between the ages of 18 and 40.

The YLMP supports young Saskatchewan producers to become industry leaders by providing opportunities for learning, mentorship, and networking in the areas of agricultural policy and advocacy.

APAS is proud to have brought on FCC as a partner for the YLMP in 2022.

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Watch this webinar to hear from past mentors and mentees about their experience and what they took away from the program.


Paige Stewart, 2019 mentee. 

The APAS Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program presented by FCC was established in 2014 and is open to Saskatchewan producers between the ages of 18 and 40. The program aims to help young producers gain valuable experience, take advantage of networking opportunities, and develop the skills necessary to become a future industry leader.

Participants are matched up with a farm leader over the age of 40 in a mentee-mentor relationship. Participants also attend APAS meetings and the APAS AGM, and when possible the CFA AGM in Ottawa. 

Young producers are the future of agriculture and a priority for APAS. In 2016, participants in the Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program asked for and received the support at the APAS Annual General Meeting to set up their own Policy Committee: the APAS Young Agricultural Producers Committee, or ‘YAP.’ Participants in the APAS Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program will work with the YAP Committee to help identify policy ideas for the future.

Participant Testimonials

"I am very grateful for the time I spent as a mentee. The exposure to ag policy was a first for me, and I am amazed at the breadth of issues that APAS is tackling on a daily basis. My greatest takeaways from the program were the efforts of the organization to be non-partisan, the people I met, and the new network of friends and resources I have. They have all enriched my life."

- Paige Stewart, RM of Fillmore #96. 2019 mentee. 

"I would encourage any young farmer to become part of the mentorship program. The mentors have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share if we are willing to listen. My mentor and I have established a friendship that will extend beyond the end of my participation in the program."

- Scott Owens, RM of Eldon #471. Mentee, 2017

"I would recommend the program because ag policy can be intimidating and the sooner our generation gets involved and learns how to navigate the ag policy world in the province and in our country, the greater chance we have at continuing to push producer rights and issues in the future as the torches get passed to us."

- Spencer Maxwell, RM of Moose Range #486. Mentee, 2016


Past Program Participants

(L to R) Madison Englot – RM of Montmarte, #126
Brett Spray – RM of Hazel Dell, #335
Sarah Leguee – RM of Wellington, #97
Glen Munholland – RM of McKillop, #220


Jocelyn Velestuk, RM of Elcapo #154
Reid Daley, RM of Laurier #38 
Michelle Ross, RM of Wolseley #155
Devon Walker, RM of Wilton #472

Kirk Lishchynsky, RM of Fish Creek #402 (not pictured)


Brandt Carter • RM #228 Lacadena
Paige Stewart • RM #96 Fillmore
Amanda Logel • RM #217 Lipton
Stephanie Sylvestre • RM #190 Dufferin
Stuart Chutter • RM #185 McLeod


Dennis Clarke • RM #185 McLeod
Ashten Douhaniuk • RM #184 Grayson
Karlah Rae Rudolph • RM #138 Webb
Adrienne Ivey • RM #246 Ituna Bon Accord
Megz Reynolds • RM #228 Lacadena 
Jessica Raycraft • RM #380 Tramping Lake
Lynn Crossman • RM #520 Paddockwood
Seraina Giovanoli • RM #395 Porcupine
Matthew Hunter • RM #95 Golden West


Steven Donald • RM #122 Martin
Scott Owens • RM #471 Eldon
Jasmine Dreger • RM #244 Orkney
Kim Keller • RM #458 Willow Creek
Trewett Chaplin • RM #222 Craik


Spencer Maxwell • RM #486 Moose Range
Danny Ottenbreit • RM#184 Grayson
Daryl Fransoo • RM #499 Mervin
Devin Harlick • RM #110 Piapot
Matthew McKinnon • RM #261 Chesterfield


Ian Boxall • RM #457 Connaught 
Scott Sefton • RM #154 Elcapo
Brandon Perkins • RM #487 Nipawin
Jeremy Welter • RM #350 Mariposa 

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