The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) is asking all Saskatchewan residents to enjoy our high-quality Canadian food and support farmers and ranchers in the province by celebrating Food Day Canada on July 31 alongside other Canadians by dining, shopping, and eating food grown and produced in Canada.

“Food Day Canada is a great way for everyone to give recognition for Canada's agricultural sector, whether by enjoying a great meal at home or out at a restaurant," said APAS President Todd Lewis.

Through an APAS request, the Government of Saskatchewan, Regina, Saskatoon, Weyburn, Estevan and Moose Jaw have proclaimed July 31 as Food Day Canada.

“Saskatchewan produces a wide variety of high-quality agricultural products like meat, dairy, oilseeds, lentils, fruit, vegetables and more and is the world leader in mustard exports,” Lewis said.

Food Day Canada evolved from the World Longest Barbeque held in 2003 to support Canada’s beef industry.

Food Day Canada is a great way to show appreciation for Canadian farmers, ranchers, fishers, researchers, chefs, and restaurants by eating food grown and produced in Canada. APAS is hoping all Saskatchewan residents celebrate the day by dining, shopping, and eating Canadian food.

“Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers are proud of the hard work they do every day to ensure our province's many food products meet the highest standards of quality, and Food Day Canada is about showing appreciation to farmers and ranchers for that hard work,” Lewis said.

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