The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) is pleased the Government of Saskatchewan is investing in agricultural programming and improving rural telecommunications.


APAS recognizes the provincial government's increased agricultural spending in the Budget. The six per cent increase amounts to $386.9 million for the agriculture industry. The government's priorities for AgriStability, irrigation development, and research funding maintenance are positive impacts for the agricultural industry.


In SaskTel's investment plan for 2021, $85.8 million is dedicated to the "Fibre to the x" (FTTx) program, with $18.2 million going to the Rural Fibre Initiative. APAS sees this investment as a step towards getting faster and more reliable internet to rural areas. Last week APAS released its findings from its Rural Connectivity Task Force. The final report outlines 43 recommendations to improve rural internet and cellular service in Saskatchewan. 


"COVID has really been a shock to the economy, and agriculture is well poised to lead the recovery, and we will," said APAS President Todd Lewis. "In a year, we'll hopefully be in a better financial position."


See the press release for more details.