The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) has released its submission to the consultation reviewing the Canada Grain Act.

“Saskatchewan producers grew 54% of the total value of Canadian grain exports in 2020 and the Canada Grain Act and Canadian Grain Commission are very important to our members,” explained APAS President Todd Lewis. “Our submission reflects the essential role they both play in protecting Canadian grain farmers. It is essential that this mandate continues.” Lewis added that the protection provisions are just as relevant today as they were 100 years ago when the Act was introduced. “Our production and export sales are growing at 3.5% per year, and governments have ambitious export growth targets for the future. All Canadians benefit when producers have regulation and protection from a renewed Canada Grain Act.”

The Canada Grain Act authorizes the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) to create regulations and administer services that protect the commercial interests of grain producers and establish quality standards for grain handling within Canada and for export markets. 

APAS has highlighted six key areas in its submission for the government's review of the Canada Grain Act and the CGC:

1. Mandate – APAS strongly supports the continued mandate of the Canada Grain Act and CGC to protect the interests of producers in Canada's grain industry.

2. CGC Governance Structure – APAS supports the continuation of the three Commissioner governance structure in the Canada Grain Act.

3. Outward Inspection – APAS supports the continuation of mandatory CGC outward inspection in the updated Canada Grain Act. It is important for decision makers to recognize that primary producers face the greatest financial risks when there are perceived quality concerns in international markets.

4. Creation of Export Sales Reporting Program – Greater transparency and timely information about export shipments and sales commitments are essential to producers when they are deciding what to grow and when to sell their grains. The Canada Grain Act review is a critical opportunity to ensure enhanced information sharing about export sales.

5. Funding – APAS is calling for appropriate levels of federal funding for the CGC. The user fee funding model results in a lack of sustainable federal funding for CGC services and programs.

6. Greater standardization of trade – The CGC should take steps to exercise more inspection authority over testing procedures and accelerate the modernization of the grading system to improve quality assessment. 

Read APAS's full submission here.

APAS encourages Saskatchewan producers to participate in the CGA review before the April 30, 2021 deadline. To learn more about the CGA consultation, visit