Crops and Transportation

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan's Crops and Transportation policy committee consists of APAS Representatives, Directors, and Associate Member organizations with interests in crop production, marketing and transportation. Scroll through this webpage to learn more about our crops and transportation policy discussions, recent policy documents and presentations. 

Priority Issues:

  1. Bill C-49 Transportation Modernization Act 
  2. Generic Input Product Registration
  3. Clubroot – regulation, reporting, mapping etc.
  4. Grain Handling (Canadian Grain Commission) – grading, payment protection, auditing, etc
  5. Grain Contracts

Grain Transportation

Saskatchewan agricultural producers are heavily reliant on Canada’s railways to move their grain to market. Insufficient rail capacity and recurring failures of the rail system to transport grain in a timely fashion have cost western farmers billions of dollars in financial losses in recent years. APAS advocates for policies that seek to address capacity constraints, improve rail service and accountability, while ensuring there are adequate safeguards in place to protect the interests of producers in a monopoly freight environment. Read more about APAS Grain Transportation Policy

Reports and Presentations

Crops and Marketing

Saskatchewan’s crop sector is a major economic contributor with international export sales exceeding $14 Billion every year. For continued growth and success, producers need access to transparent markets with rules to ensure adequate protections in areas of grain grading, weights and measurement, payment assurance and dispute resolution. Read more about APAS Crops and Marketing Policy

Reports and Presentations

Crop Inputs and Seed

Access to affordable and innovative crop inputs is very important to maintaining a sustainable and competitive crop sector in Saskatchewan. APAS supports a regulatory system for crop protection products that is cost-effective and efficient while continuing to safeguard public health and the environment. APAS works to ensure that producer concerns are considered in all policy matters related to chemical product registration, intellectual property rights, and the regulation of biotechnology. Read more about APAS Crop Inputs and Seed Policy

Reports and Presentations

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