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The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan Board of Directors may refer matters for further consideration and analysis to one of its six policy committees, which report back to the Board of Directors and general assembly with recommendations. Each policy committee includes representation from Directors, Representatives, and Associate Member organizations.


Under the guidance of the APAS Board and supported by staff, these policy committees tackle the issues affecting Saskatchewan agriculture and rural communities.


Here are some of the most important issues we'll be tackling in 2021:  

  • APAS releases submission to Canada Grain Act review
  • APAS' stance on the "Saskatchewan Greenhouse Gas Offset Program" proposal paper
  • Creation of the next Agricultural Policy Framework in 2023
  • Carbon tax exemptions on grain drying, barn heating, and other farm activities
  • Carbon credit markets and offset protocols
  • Drought and water management for the livestock sector
  • Improving rural internet and cellular service
  • Seed royalty models and value creation
  • Improving grain contracts
  • Enacting provincial trespass legislation
  • Greater transparency on railway performance and costing
  • Canada Grain Act and Canadian Grain Commission reviews
  • Provincial inactive orphan well program
  • Surface rights protections
  • Consultations on “fake meat” labelling
  • Intergenerational transfers and access to capital
  • Young farmer tax incentives
  • On-farm natural gas infrastructure and three-phase power networks
  • “Right to repair” and access to affordable machinery parts
  • Farm labour recruitment and retention
  • Livestock price insurance premiums and set-aside program
  • Provincial meat inspection and processing capacity


Click here to search a database of APAS' resolutions from the last several years...

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Crops and Transportation

  • Canada Grain Act Review
  • Bill C-49
  • Generic Input Product Registration 
  • Clubroot
  • Grain Handling

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Economics and Trade

  • Business Risk Management Review
  • Farm inputs 
  • Taxation 

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  • Risk Management 
  • Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure
  • Right to Farm 
  • Market competition
  • Processing sector ‚Äč

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Land and Environment

  • Federal and provincial climate change policy
  • Land access and biosecurity  
  • Water management, conservation and  development
  • Surface Rights and Orphan Wells 
  • Ecological Goods and Services 

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Rural Life 

  • Public Trust
  • Broadband Internet 
  • Temporary Foreign Worker program 
  • Ag Training Certification
  • Health and Education Services 

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Young Agricultural Producers

  • Tax and succession planning 
  • Risk Management programs for beginning  producers 
  • Access to land and capital

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APAS Policy Manual

The APAS Policy Manual is a summary of the resolutions passed since 2010.

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