The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan holds regular meetings throughout Saskatchewan where APAS Representatives gather to discuss issues affecting their industry and local farming communities. 

Resolutions are formally adopted at the APAS Annual General Meeting and Mid-term Conventions or at a meeting of the APAS Board of Directors if the matter is urgent. If adopted, the resolution becomes standing APAS policy and is further acted upon by the APAS Executive Committee and supporting staff.

Year Number Title
2018 C&T2-2018AGM Club Root Mapping
2018 C&T3-2018AGM Club Root Regulation
2018 C&T4-2018AGM Arctic Gateway Corridor
2018 C&T5-2018AGM Standardized Grain Contracts
2018 C&T6-2018AGM Provincial Sales Tax Exemption for Short Line Railways
2018 L&E1-2018AGM Provincial Rat Control Program
2018 L&E2-2018AGM Carbon Backstop Taxation Policy
2018 L&E3-2018AGM SaskPower Line Routing
2018 L&E4-2018AGM Sanitation Protocol
2018 L&E5-2018AGM Water Management
2018 L&E6-2018AGM Indian Head Tree Nursery
2018 L&E7-2018AGM Wildlife Damage Compensation
2018 E&T1-2018AGM Natural Gas Infrastructure
2018 E&T2-2018AGM Provincial Sales Tax on Insurance Premiums and Construction Labour
2018 E&T3-2018AGM Business Risk Management Review
2018 RL1-2018AGM Funding for Disabled Farmers of Canada
2018 RL3-2018AGM Cellular Telephone and Internet Service
2018 YAP1-2018AGM Advance Payment Program
2018 YAP2-2018AGM Agricultural Mortgages
2018 L1-2018AGM Statements of Provincial Interest for Agriculture


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