The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan holds regular meetings throughout Saskatchewan where APAS Representatives gather to discuss issues affecting their industry and local farming communities. 

Resolutions are formally adopted at the APAS Annual General Meeting and Mid-term Conventions or at a meeting of the APAS Board of Directors if the matter is urgent. If adopted, the resolution becomes standing APAS policy and is further acted upon by the APAS Executive Committee and supporting staff.

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2023 C&T 1-23 Fully Funded Yield Cushioning for the 2023 Crop Insurance Program Year
2023 C&T 2-23 Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Coverage Levels
2023 C&T 3-23 Legal Advice for Standardized Grain Contract Terms
2023 C&T 4-23 Producer Majority on the Western Grains Standards Committee
2023 C&T 5-23 Canada Grain Act Review
2023 C&T 6-23 Canada Transportation Agency Investigative Authority
2023 C&T 7-23 Railway Carbon Surcharge Fund
2023 C&T 8-23 Canada Grain Act Summit
2023 C&T 9-23 Grain Moisture Shrinkage
2023 C&T 10-23 Top-Up Crop Insurance Coverage
2023 E&T 1-23 Canadian Emergency Business Account Repayment
2023 E&T 2-23 Agricultural Exemption on PST
2023 E&T 3-23 Provincial Investigation of Bunge-Viterra Merger
2023 E&T 4-23 Agricultural Implements Act
2023 E&T 5-23 Agricultural Products Review Board
2023 E&T 6-23 Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act
2023 YAP 1-23 Farm Transition to Young Farmers
2023 L 1-23 Veterinary Services
2023 L 2-23 Bill C-293 An Act Respecting Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness
2023 L 3-23 Environmental, Governance, and Sustainability Guidelines in Agricultural Finance


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