The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan holds regular meetings throughout Saskatchewan where APAS Representatives gather to discuss issues affecting their industry and local farming communities. 

Resolutions are formally adopted at the APAS Annual General Meeting and Mid-term Conventions or at a meeting of the APAS Board of Directors if the matter is urgent. If adopted, the resolution becomes standing APAS policy and is further acted upon by the APAS Executive Committee and supporting staff.

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2021 LAND & ENVIRONMENT - Sask Power Fire Hazards and Claims Processes
2021 C&T3 Early Release of SCIC "What-If" Scenarios
2021 Responsible Grains Code of Practice
2021 CROPS & TRANSPORTATION - Wildlife Damage Programs for Grain in Temporary Storage
2021 Port of Vancouver Governance Reform
2021 Conversion of Grain Weight to Dry Matter Basis
2021 C&T2 Crop Insurance Yield Cushioning
2021 Producer Car Access to Port Terminals
2021 C&T1 Canadian Grain Commission Statutory Declarations
2021 C&T4 Cash Advance Repayment on Interest-Free Portion
2021 C&T5 SCIC Crop establishment Policy
2021 C&T6 Funding for Breeding Programs
2021 E&T1 Promoting Competition in Agricultural Markets
2021 E&T2 Trade and Market Development Programs
2021 E&T3 Saskatchewan Growth Coalition
2021 E&T4 Awareness of Saskatchewan Growth Coalition Proposals
2021 E&T5 Farmer Share of the Food Dollar
2021 E&T6 Saskatchewan Farmers Advocate Office
2021 L&E1 Saskatchewan Liability Rating Program for Energy Companies
2021 L&E2 Implementation of Updated Surface Rights Act


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