The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan holds regular meetings throughout Saskatchewan where APAS Representatives gather to discuss issues affecting their industry and local farming communities. 

Resolutions are formally adopted at the APAS Annual General Meeting and Mid-term Conventions or at a meeting of the APAS Board of Directors if the matter is urgent. If adopted, the resolution becomes standing APAS policy and is further acted upon by the APAS Executive Committee and supporting staff.

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2022 L&E 1-22 Cost-Shared Investment in Water Infrastructure
2022 L&E 2-22 Private Land Use by Outfitters
2022 L&E 3-22 Review of Conservation & Development Act
2022 L&E 4-22 Landowner Tags
2022 E&T 5-22 Cost of Production Investigation
2022 E&T 6-22 Increase to the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption
2022 E&T 7-22 Farm Corporations' Access to the Capital Gains Exemption
2022 L 8-22 Cow/Calf Production Insurance
2022 L 9-22 Wildlife Damage Compensation for Reserved Grazing Supplies
2022 L 10-22 Future Success of Livestock Industries
2022 L 11-22 On-farm Weather Stations for Insurance Coverage
2022 L 12-22 Certified Rangeland and Forage Agronomists
2022 L 13-22 Electronic Log Mandate Exemption for Livestock
2022 L 14-22 Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Eligible Costs
2022 L 15-22 Livestock Production Insurance as Security
2022 C 16-22 Producer-led Farm Input Survey
2022 C 17-22 Scientific Foundation of Fertilizer Emissions Strategy
2022 C 18-22 Access to Lambda-cyhalothrin or Equivalent
2022 R 19-22 Promoting the Value of Primary Products
2021 C&T3 Early Release of SCIC "What-If" Scenarios


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