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The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan - or APAS - has been the voice of Saskatchewan’s farmers and ranchers since 2000.

APAS is Saskatchewan's only democratically elected, producer-run, non-partisan, grassroots, general farm organization.

We work on behalf of our members to address the most important issues facing the province's agriculture sector, including rail transportation, carbon taxation, business risk management, seed royalties, and water policy, to name a few. 

APAS represents Saskatchewan as a member of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture and advocates on behalf of Saskatchewan agricultural producers to all levels of government.

We learn from our members about the most important problems farmers face, come up with innovative policy solutions, and promote these solutions to government and industry leaders. Our work leads directly to programs, policy, and legislation that serve farmers better!  

To explore our work, visit our Current Projects section. For information on how your Rural Municipality or organization can become an APAS member, visit our Join APAS section.  

Our History

APAS was formed in 2000 when a handful of Saskatchewan farmers came together with the goal of forming an organization aimed at giving Saskatchewan producers more of a voice and say in policy making. 

"Everyone seemed to agree - decisions were being made for farmers, about farmers, without farmers there," says Mervin Kryzanowski, one of APAS's founding farmers. 

After an incredible 170 Rural Municipalities attended an initial meeting to explore what a general farm organization in Saskatchewan could look like, APAs was formed out of a resolution during a Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities convention. APAS has been a united voice representing the views of all Saskatchewan producers on key policy issues ever since.

Our Mission

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan provides a respected, unified voice that positively influences agricultural and rural communities.

Our Vision

A respected, thriving agricultural sector.

Our Values

In carrying out the work of the organization and in all its relationships, APAS will:

  • Demonstrate respect, honesty, integrity, openness and a spirit of collaboration.
  • Conduct itself in a professional, inclusive and trustworthy manner that is respectful of diversity.
  • Be responsive and accountable to the needs of those it serves.
  • Maintain a non-partisan political position.
  • Reflect democratic principles and practices in all of its activities.

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