APAS is Saskatchewan’s only non-partisan, democratically elected agricultural policy and advocacy organization.

Membership in APAS is a cost-effective way to ensure that your RM has a strong voice to provincial and national decision makers. When an RM chooses to participate in APAS, every ratepayer becomes an APAS member and receives the full benefits of membership. 



Become an APAS member and help fix agricultural problems 365 days a year. 

Member Rewards

APAS members receive thousands of dollars in savings on a range of products and services, including farm insurance, new vehicles, and much more. You must have a physical APAS Membership card to access some of the rewards.

Current APAS Members

APAS represents agricultural producers in 133 RMs. Find out if you are an APAS member. 

Associate Members

Organizations can amplify their voices by joining APAS as Associate Members.

Youth Leadership & Mentorship Program 

presented by FCC

Open to young agricultural leaders between 18 and 40, and free to APAS members. 


APAS works with many organizations across the country. 

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