Rural Life

The APAS Rural Life Policy Committee consists of APAS Representatives, Directors, and Associate Member organizations with interest in policy issues that stem from and affect rural living. It was formed in 2018. 

Priority Issues: 

  • Public Trust and consumer awareness
  • Farm and workplace safety
  • Broadband Internet and Telecommunications
  • Agricultural Skills Training Certification
  • Rural services and public safety

Farm Safety

APAS is committed to working with government and industry to develop farm safety programming and planning for the benefit of farmers in Saskatchewan. APAS believes that sustained public awareness campaigns must emphasis education, best practices and the promotion of safe work culture on Saskatchewan farms.  

APAS supports and acknowledges the role of Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) and the Agricultural Health and Safety Network in Saskatchewan in researching, promoting and evaluating farm safety in Saskatchewan.        

Internet and Cell Service

APAS believes that access to broadband internet and reliable cell service is an essential tool for primary agriculture to fully participate in the global marketplace. APAS supports federal and provincial regulation and investments to improve high speed internet access in rural areas.

Rural Infrastructure and Government Services

APAS believes that reasonable proximity to schools, hospitals and other services is required to sustain a vibrant and thriving agricultural community in Saskatchewan. APAS encourages provincial standards for school bus travel to ensure no elementary school students spend more than two hours per day on the school bus. APAS also supports the improvement and maintenance of Saskatchewan’s road infrastructure to meet the social, economic and product transportation needs of rural residents.  

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