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The APAS Young Leaders (AYL) program, presented by Farm Credit Canada, brings together interested young farmers between the ages of 18 and 40 to cultivate the next generation of agricultural and community leaders.

Participants also receive governance credentials, equipping them to become effective leaders at local, provincial and national levels in agriculture.

APAS is proud to have welcomed FCC as the program's title sponsor in 2023.

AYL's 2022-23 participants meet FCC president and CEO Justine Hendricks in March 2023.


The 2022-23 AYL participants (l-r):
Eric Martens (RM of Longlaketon),
Carlie Bowditch (RM of Tisdale),
Morgan Follensbee (RM of Newcombe),
Ashley Van Meter (RM of Moose Range).

The AYL program was established in 2014. In collaboration with the APAS board, program alumni and other young producers, participants engage in grassroots policy development by:

  • Participating in APAS district and board meetings.
  • Joining APAS policy committees, attending the APAS policy conference and contributing to the resolution process at the APAS AGM.
  • Presenting, advocating for and debating resolutions at the Canadian Federation of Agriculture AGM.
  • Attending Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers of Agriculture annual conference.
  • Completing a governance training certificate.
  • Actively engaging with elected officials.

These activities offer a unique opportunity for participants to actively contribute to policy development and gain firsthand experience in agricultural governance and advocacy.

Participant Testimonials

"If this program doesn't build you connections and friendships and role models in this industry, I don't know what does. I know I can call these people, I know I can knock on their doors, I know I can do whatever I need to do to help further Saskatchewan agriculture for the rest of my career."

- Carlie Bowditch, RM of Tisdale #427. Mentee, 2022/23

"This program is kind of like a building block program, which I liked. From the start to the end, starting with a District Meeting, then I went to a Committee Meeting, and then there's the provincial General Meeting, and then CFA. I think starting from the first thing being a district meeting and then building up was a great way to see once we got to CFA how it all comes together."

- Morgan Follensbee, RM of Newcombe #260. Mentee, 2022/23

"I wanted to take part in this program because I was looking for an avenue to lead me into the direction of governance, government, or policy without having to get a full-time job to find those avenues. This was recommended to me, and it didn't disappoint. It's shown me a lot of different aspects of the policy needed and the governance needed to help carry the voice of agriculture and impact the changes needed to keep policies in the forefront, but also including the producer's voice in it."

- Eric Martens, RM of Longlaketon #219. Mentee, 2022/23

Past Program Participants

Eric Martens – RM of Lonlaketon, #219
Carlie Bowditch – RM of Tisdale, #427
Morgan Follensbee – RM of Newcombe, #260
Ashley Van Meter – RM of Moose Range, #486


Madison Englot – RM of Montmarte, #126
Brett Spray – RM of Hazel Dell, #335
Sarah Leguee – RM of Wellington, #97
Glen Munholland – RM of McKillop, #220


Jocelyn Velestuk, RM of Elcapo #154
Reid Daley, RM of Laurier #38 
Michelle Ross, RM of Wolseley #155
Devon Walker, RM of Wilton #472

Kirk Lishchynsky, RM of Fish Creek #402 (not pictured)


Brandt Carter • RM #228 Lacadena
Paige Stewart • RM #96 Fillmore
Amanda Logel • RM #217 Lipton
Stephanie Sylvestre • RM #190 Dufferin
Stuart Chutter • RM #185 McLeod


Dennis Clarke • RM of McLeod, #185
Ashten Douhaniuk • RM of Grayson, #184
Karlah Rae Rudolph • RM of Webb, #138
Adrienne Ivey • RM of Ituna Bon Accord, #246
Megz Reynolds • RM of Lacadena, #228 
Jessica Raycraft • RM of Tramping Lake, #380
Lynn Crossman • RM of Paddockwood, #520
Seraina Giovanoli • RM of Porcupine, #395
Matthew Hunter • RM of Golden West, #95



Spencer Maxwell • RM of Moose Range, #486
Danny Ottenbreit • RM of Grayson, #184
Daryl Fransoo • RM of Mervin, #499
Devin Harlick • RM of Piapot, #110
Matthew McKinnon • RM of Chesterfield, #261



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