Economics and Trade

The APAS Economics and Trade Policy Committee consists of APAS Representatives, Directors and Associate Member organizations with interests in economic and trade policy issues. Scroll through this webpage to learn more about our economic policy discussions, with links to documents and presentations on various economic issues.

Current Priority Issues

  • Business Risk Management Review
  • Farm inputs price / supply transparency
  • Trade – Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘11, NAFTA, Pulse trade
  • Taxation – Federal & Provincial tax initiatives, municipal relations
  • Temporary Foreign Worker program  

Business Risk Management 

Primary agriculture is an important sector of the economy that is subject to periods of volatility due to production and economic risks that are outside the control of producers. For decades governments have acknowledged the need for stability in the farm sector and have partnered with producers to manage risk through access to government sponsored business risk management programs (BRMs). Canada’s current programs consist of income stabilization programming (Agri-Stability), production insurance (Crop Insurance), and self managed income assistance funds (Agri-Invest). APAS develops and advances policy recommendations to improve these programs for producers.

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Reports and Presentations:

Taxation and Finance

Agriculture is a low margin business and producers need competitive tax rates to manage risk, invest to grow their farms, and to prepare for retirement and transition for the next generation. APAS works to ensure Saskatchewan farmers’ voices are heard in taxation discussions at all levels.

Reports and Presentations 


Saskatchewan agriculture is an export-oriented sector that thrives when provided real and meaningful market access opportunities. APAS supports clear, rule-based trade agreements that eliminate non-tariff barriers and focus on regulatory harmonization without compromising health, safety and the environment.

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