APAS Representatives

Rural municipalities from across the province voluntarily sign on to participate in APAS on behalf of their ratepayers. Each particiating RM elects a ratepayer to serve as its representative to APAS. 

APAS reps are part of a team of dedicated farmers and ranchers that actively contributes to improving the agricultural industry in our province.

What do APAS Reps do?

Create Agricultural Policy: APAS reps gather input from producers in their communities and use it to inform and develop agricultural policy through non-partisan democratic process. Reps participate in policy development through:

  • District meetings
  • APAS General Meetings
  • Policy Committees/Task Forces
  • Webinars

Govern: APAS Reps sit on APAS Policy Committees, vote at general meetings, and elect and run as Directors for their Districts. 

Communicate: Reps ensure that key information flows between APAS, RM Councillors, and APAS members (i.e., ratepayers).

Represent: APAS reps give a voice to their communities by participating in APAS meetings and keeping local RM Councillors and individual members informed of APAS activities, policies, and current agricultural issues.

Build Community & Expertise: Reps build relationships with other producers across Saskatchewan and develop expertise on a wide range of agricultural and governance issues.

APAS reps are elected for four-year terms during RM elections. The last APAS election took place in November 2020.

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