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APAS' membership consists of Rural Municipalities that have chosen to join on behalf of their ratepayers. There are two types of APAS memberships, Transitional and Full Membership.

Transitional Membership

Transitional membership provides RM's an opportunity to participate in APAS on a year-long trial basis for a reduced rate. Through their appointed representative, they have an opportunity to bring forward the views and opinions of their ratepayers in order to influence policy development. Although Transitional members have equal voice in APAS policy discussions, they are not able to vote. The ratepayers within a transitional RM also have full access to APAS Member Benefits. We expect that after their year as a transitional RM, Council will see value in joining forces with other RMs on behalf of their farmers and ranchers, and will decide to become a full member to vote on APAS policy, democratic processes, bylaws and positively influence the direction of agricultural policies and programs in Saskatchewan. 

More information about the cost of Transitional membership.

Full Membership

Full members elect or appoint an APAS Representative from their ratepayers to represent their RM at APAS and report back on APAS activities. Their Representatives represent the RM's farmers and ranchers and exercise their right to vote on APAS policy, participate in democratic processes, review and amend bylaws, and positively influence the direction of agricultural policies and programs in Saskatchewan. Ratepayers in APAS member RMs have full access to APAS Member Benefits. Full membership fees for RM's are set at the lower of ½ mill of agricultural assessment or $0.06 per acre. APAS membership fees have never increased in the history of the organization.   

Contact the APAS offfice for more information or to arrange an RM presentation. 

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