March 7, 2023 (Ottawa, ON) – The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) has announced their executive has been acclaimed for 2023. Keith Currie of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture has been acclaimed President, and Past President of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) Todd Lewis was acclaimed 1st Vice-President. Pierre Lampron of the Dairy Farmers of Canada joins the executive as the acclaimed 2nd Vice-President.

“It’s an honour to work on behalf of Saskatchewan’s farmers at the national stage,” Lewis said. “Saskatchewan’s leadership in Canadian agriculture is dynamic, growing, and evolving. We are innovation and environmental leaders in our farm management practices and representing Saskatchewan’s perspective on the national stage is tremendously important and I am deeply humbled to have been chosen."

“Todd is a tireless advocate for Saskatchewan farm interests at the national table,” APAS President Ian Boxall added. “He listens intently to all perspectives and passionately provides his view on every issue always looking for a solution that works. He is an incredible mentor to our APAS Board and we look forward to continuing working with Todd to ensure Saskatchewan solutions are heard and considered nationally.”

APAS proposed seven resolutions to the CFA Annual General Meeting this week in Ottawa. All seven of them passed with over 90% support from CFA membership. One of those resolutions includes calling on the CFA to work with member organizations to examine and support the development of a national cost-shared insurance programming for livestock, including the potential development of a cow/calf production insurance program.

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