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Managing day-to-day medical expenses doesn’t have to be costly. The Edge Benefits offers Health and Dental plans that are scalable and customizable to offer you, your family, and your employees an affordable medical plan. Choose from ‘Health only’ or ‘Health and Dental’ coverage, and build a custom plan according to your needs.

Similar to typical employer-paid group benefit plans, EDGE Health & Dental plans provide reimbursement for standard health-maintenance products and services. Covered costs include prescription drugs; extended healthcare services such as chiropractic care, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, naturopaths and speech therapy; accidental dental; ambulance transportation; diagnostic and laboratory tests; and medical devices and home support services.

EDGE Health & Dental coverage can be purchased on its own, or APAS members can receive a multi-product discount when purchasing Health & Dental in addition to the APAS Income & Overhead Disability package for injuries or other EDGE coverage.

EDGE Health & Dental Plan Options:

  • Basic Health Plan
    • Health upgrade (includes vision care; increases reimbursement amount and annual coverage maximums)
    • Drug upgrade (underwritten; increases reimbursement amount and annual coverage maximums)
  • Health & Dental Plan
    • Dental upgrade (increases reimbursement amount and annual coverage maximums)

Health & Dental base plans and optional upgrades are guaranteed for all Canadians who have Provincial Medical Coverage, with the exception of the Drug Upgrade which is underwritten, looking only at current medications.

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How to get more information about purchasing Health & Dental coverage for yourself and your employees:

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Contact your local Co-operators Financial Advisor, or call The Edge Benefits at 1-877-531-EDGE for help locating an Advisor near you.

Note: This information is intended to provide a brief overview of the EDGE Health and Dental plans. Plan options and terms are subject to change without notice. In the event of any inconsistencies between this overview and the policy wordings, the actual policy wordings prevail.

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