July 28, 2023 (Regina, SK) – The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) is pleased to see the reversal of the Canadian Grain Commission’s (CGC) decision to harmonize primary and export grading standards for certain wheat classes.

“This is good news for wheat producers,” APAS President Ian Boxall said. “Higher grading standards for test weight and foreign material increase the risk that producers would receive lower grades for their production. This move could have negatively impacted farm revenue for years to come.”

On June 13, the CGC announced that primary grades for most wheat classes would be graded against the
higher export standards for foreign material and test weight. The move would have been effective August
1, just before the start of harvest. On July 17, APAS and the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission issued a joint statement requesting a reversal of the decision until an economic assessment is completed. Following that release, APAS heard from producers who had signed contracts under the current test weights and were concerned these sales would be assessed against the higher standards after

“We thank the CGC for responding to these concerns and providing certainty as we approach the harvest season. The CGC and its standards committees play an important role in our industry and APAS strongly supports a CGC mandate to work in the interests of grain producers.”

“We’re pleased to see the CGC listening to the concerns of producers on this file,” Boxall concluded.