September 14, 2022 (Regina, SK) – The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) has hired Dion McGrath as its new Executive Director.

McGrath brings a wealth of experience to APAS, from his various executive roles in the public sector, to previously serving as the CEO of Southeast College in Weyburn and working with his partner to create a digital marketing company called Above the Fold.

“One of the factors that attracted me to this role with APAS is how it has evolved and grown to be a leader in identifying policy solutions for the success of the ag community,” McGrath said. “Looking at the variety of issues that APAS has advocated on behalf of producers, they have shown time and again to be an effective voice for ag producers and that is a great environment to be part of.”

McGrath adds it brings him full circle, as he grew up on a mixed grain and hog farm near LeRoy.

“Agricultural policy is never boring! It is so dynamic and foundational to our long-term success,” McGrath said. “It impacts and influences many aspects of everyday life across the province - economic, social, and environmental. When agriculture is successful, that success cascades throughout communities across the province.”

“We think Dion’s wealth of experience will make him a great fit for our organization,” APAS President Ian Boxall said. “I look forward to working with him on a variety of policy topics in the coming years.”

McGrath takes over for former APAS General Manager Duane Haave, who retired in late August.

McGrath’s first official day with APAS will be Monday, September 19. 

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