Connecting Saskatchewan is broadcast about APAS's Rural Connectivity Task Force and its efforts to improve rural cellular service and high-speed internet. APAS and AccessNow TV produced this broadcast.

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Voting in elections every four years isn’t enough – join APAS and help fix agricultural problems 365 days a year. If your RM isn’t currently part of APAS, ask your Council to buy a 12-month trial membership.



The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) is Saskatchewan's democratically elected, non-partisan farm policy and advocacy organization. APAS has been the voice of Saskatchewan’s farmers and ranchers since 2000, and represents ratepayers in 135 rural municipalities.


APAS is a non-profit organization that's focused on advocating on behalf of producers to create success for farm and ranch families.

Since April, 2019, Canadian farmers have paid more than $100 million in carbon taxes on propane and natural gas to fuel essential farming activities

Did you know Saskatchewan produces more than half of Canada's total grain exports?


“APAS is the voice agriculture needs! Since our RM joined, I have been impressed with APAS's mission to work for the best interests of the agricultural sector. ”

Bev Pirio

APAS Director, District Two

“Our agricultural industry has very unique challenges and elected decision-makers and other policy groups need to have a non-partisan voice like APAS to provide advice and consultation on agricultural issues.”

Devon Walker

APAS Representative, RM of Wilton #472 and 2020 APAS Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program participant

“APAS plays a vital role in building a strong, connected agriculture sector in Saskatchewan that contributes to economic stability and mobility.”

Angela Jones

APAS Representative, RM of Lakeview #337

“APAS has become an exciting and dynamic coalition of producer input, group alliances, and countless talented people.”

Greg Marshall

Former APAS President

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